Fabric Flowers (Version #2)

If you read my post yesterday on the other fabric flowers I made, then you know that these ones are a little bit more complicated.  It’s not so much that they’re hard but they’re tedious and time-consuming.  However, the end result is adorable!  If you just want to stick with a quicker tutorial, check out my other post on fabric flowers here.

So, I found the tutorial for these flowers by Joy at How Joyful.  She has a great pdf print-out that you can use as a template for the petals which you should go print-out before beginning this project.

In addition to the printed template, you will need scissors, an Xacto knife, felt, a sewing needle, coordinating thread, and an embellishment.

Begin by cutting out the various paper flowers from the template.  I started cutting these out with scissors but realized it was much more efficient to use an Xacto knife, especially to cut out the centers.

Tip:  I really only used the 3 biggest flowers.  I think the other two would be too small to work with.

Next, place your cut-out paper flowers on top of your felt and cut out flowers from the felt.

Tip:  I used scissors to cut out the general shape of the flower then refined the shape and cut out the center with an Xacto knife.

Repeat this process as long as you can without screaming until you have as many layers as you like.  Trust me, my flowers did not really look like the template flowers but in the end, they’ll still look good!

Now take each flower and sew each individual petal along the back so that the petals kind of pucker up.

Once all of your cut-outs are sewn, arrange your petal layers how you would like them to look then hot glue them in place.  I made a few with 2 layers and one with 3 layers.  Finish the flower by adding an embellishment – I used a large bead and hot glued it to the center.

Fabric Flowers (Version #2)

Source: How Joyful

You Will Need

  • pdf print-out of flower template (see How Joyful link above)
  • scissors
  • Xacto knife
  • felt
  • sewing needle
  • coordinating thread
  • embellishment

What to Do

  1. Use scissors and/or an Xacto knife to cut out paper flowers from the pdf template.
  2. Place a cut-out paper flower on top of the felt and trace the pattern.
  3. Again, using a combination of scissors and an Xacto knife, cut out the flower from the felt.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have the desired number of layers you want.
  5. Take one flower and sew each individual petal along the back so that the petals pucker up.
  6. Repeat step 5 with all flowers.
  7. Arrange petal layers and hot glue them in place (i.e. 1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers).
  8. Finish the flower by adding an embellishment such has a large bead or a button.

11 thoughts on “Fabric Flowers (Version #2)

  1. Adorable,(and funny…”as long as you can without screaming”). These are very ‘in’ right now with the ’60’s and ’70’s looks coming back.( My sister cleared out our lat aunt’s closet and got rid of all the looks I’ve seen in the stores the last few years!).They are also always in for summer and beachwear.
    Now for another take on these. You can cut and make make these from ‘candy clay’,(candy melts with a little corn syrup), gum paste, or a quick way with ‘fruit slice’ candy(jellied), rolled out in sugar to make flowers for cakes.
    I thiought you might like this idea,Leah.

    • Awww, thanks Maria – I truly appreciate your kind words! Using these flowers as homemade ‘bows’ for gift wrapping is a great idea! They’re so versatile – I just added them to a scarf (using alligator clips) and I love the way they dress up the scarf.

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