DIY ‘Thankful’ Dry-Erase Board

Remember last month when I shared my DIY Party Pumpkin Keg and introduced you to the ladies of Collectively Creative?  Well, guess what… we’re baaaaack!  This time around our posts are centered around a ‘Thankful’ theme which is fitting seeing as how it’s November and Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us.

If you’re new to my blog, the idea behind Collectively Creative is that multiple bloggers choose one central topic and everyone publishes a post at the same time on the same day.  It’s a great way to experience new bloggers and see related posts!  At the bottom of this post, there are links to all of the other bloggers that are joining in this month!  This month we’ve expanded our collaboration so be sure to check for new bloggers. 🙂

For my Thankful post, I’ve chosen to share with you a fun and easy DIY project.  With the chaos of every day life (work, bills, hobbies, holidays, etc), some times we forget to take a step back and appreciate what we have and be grateful for the people in our lives.  I decided to create something that could highlight various ways Jon and I are thankful for each other.  In theory, we know we appreciate each other but on occasion, it’s nice for these things to be called out into the open.

The great thing about this project is how versatile it is.  You could copy the same idea for friends, roommates, children, parents, etc.  Also, since I used a shadow box instead of a flat frame, you can customize each piece and give it some dimension (like my autumn inspired berries).  I plan to keep this project out in the open and update it with the seasons/holidays.  Maybe next month there will be a Christmas themed piece?

The options for creating and decorating your board are truly endless.  I’m going to share what I did but feel free to get creative and put your own twist on things.

Originally, I thought I was going to use scrapbooking paper to create the backdrop but then I realized the shadow box had a thin cloth as the backboard and since it was a neutral color, I decided to work with it.  In addition to the shadow box, I pulled out a bunch of supplies but realized I really only needed one color of paint, a foam paint brush, stencils, and some small decorative pieces.

I used Martha Stewart peel & stick stencils (similar ones) to spell “Give Thanks” and then painted the letters with a chocolate-brown paint.

Tip:  It probably would have made my life easier if I had used the painter’s tape to outline the letters.  If I had done that, I wouldn’t have had to paint so slow and tedious.

After letting the paint dry, I pinned these decorative berries to the foam backboard with the pins that came with the shadow box.  Afterwards, I reattached the backboard and voila, my Thankful board was created.

Tip:  I found these seasonal berries in the clearance section at Michael’s but I was also considering pine cones, twigs, and leaves.

Although I had read on Pinterest that you could write on the glass and simply wipe it off, I was still hesitant until I tried it for myself… and then I was a believer.  Luckily, this allowed Jon and I to write and re-write things until we liked the way it looked.

Now Jon and I just have to find somewhere to hang this. 🙂

DIY Thankful Dry-Erase Board

Inspired by this pin

You Will Need

  • one shadow box
  • foam paint brush
  • paint
  • stencils
  • small decorative pieces
  • push pins
  • dry-erase marker(s)

What to Do

  1. Remove the backboard from the shadow box.
  2. If yours comes with a thin cloth, you can use that.  If not, you can cut your own thin piece of fabric or use card stock.
  3. Use your stencils to spell our your chosen word(s) and/or pictures.
  4. Using your foam brush, carefully fill in the stencils.  Let the paint dry.
  5. With your push pins, add your decorative pieces.
  6. Reattach the backboard to the shadow box.
  7. Use dry-erase markers to write on the glass then hang for all to enjoy.

Now for the other fabulous Collectively Creative bloggers this month:


37 thoughts on “DIY ‘Thankful’ Dry-Erase Board

    • Thanks, Leslie. Maybe I’ll hop on the next one. I just checked out a couple of the links though and I LOVE the DIY Christmas trees. Great idea hosting the party! 🙂

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the idea of using a shadow box! I use a picture frame as my dry erase cleaning schedule list, but I never thought of using a shadow box. It’s perfect for changing out themes for different seasons, holidays. Love this!

  2. You are just a wealth of great ideas! I really love those stencils. Also Michael’s. I went the other day for the first time in awhile and could have spent ALL DAY there. I’m trying to imagine myself choosing between those cute holiday grapes/leaves/twigs/pinecones to adorn my future dry-erase board…that’ll take awhile 🙂

    • I was so excited to use those stencils for the first time! I saw them at Michael’s and didn’t buy them… then 24 hours later I went back because I decided I had to have them haha.

      As for Michaels… TELL ME ABOUT IT! I love that place. I probably stop in once a week even if there’s not something specific I need!

    • Thank you, Thea! It was so much fun to do another Collectively Creative with you and all of the other bloggers. Everyone has something great to share!

      I love hearing when others are inspired! Are you new to Pinterest or just heading back for some more ideas?

  3. Leah, you are so creative! What a wonderful project : )
    If you don’t find the perfect place to hang it, you could always place it on shelving for display!! It would look beautiful either way!

    • Yay, I’m SO happy to hear that! You’re so creative when it comes to cooking that I know your skills would transfer over into whatever DIY project you choose. 🙂

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