Boyfriend Truffles (Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls)


Guess what?  Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday!  Unfortunately it falls on a Tuesday this year so we’re not doing anything too crazy on his official day since we both have to work.  Luckily, we happen to work for the same company and even in the same office building!  Crazy, right?  (No, we didn’t meet at work – We met in grad school before starting our jobs :))

So back to his birthday… Jon is fortunate enough to work with a great group of people and they all make a group effort to celebrate everyones birthday.  This entails decorating each other’s offices and bringing in a variety of dishes to enjoy.  Pretty nice, right?  Who doesn’t like to feel special on their birthday?! 🙂

Even though I don’t work in the same department as Jon or his co-workers, they’ve been kind enough to include me in his birthday celebration.  I pretty much knew right away what my dish to pass was going to be.  I made these truffles for Jon to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together and he fell in love with them (and me ;)).

They’re everything a peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel combo should be.  Decadent, delicious, and indulgent.  They’re also incredibly easy to make and only require a handful of ingredients.  Although they are easy to assemble, they’re not necessarily super quick to make.  You have to have time to mix them up, shape them, freeze them, and dip them in chocolate and chill them again.  On the up side, they’re no-bake treats and one batch makes plenty!

Everyone knows someone that loves chocolate and peanut butter, right?  People are always telling me, “My boyfriend/husband loves peanut butter too!” – hence the title, “Boyfriend Truffles.”

So are you ready for the recipe?  Head on over to My Healthy ‘Ohana where I’m guest posting today!  My Healthy ‘Ohana is written by Maura in Hawaii (lucky lady, right?) and is filled with a wide range of delicious recipes!  One of my favorite things about her blog is how she’s so good at sneaking veggies into her meals.  As a mother of two beautiful kids, she certainly makes sure they eat well.  (You may remember me mentioning Maura and her blog before.  That’s because I was lucky enough to win her Grow Box giveaway.)

Okay, what are you waiting for?  Go explore Maura’s blog and check out my Boyfriend Truffles! 🙂

Boyfriend Truffles

23 thoughts on “Boyfriend Truffles (Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls)

    • He is indeed lucky! Not all departments have little birthday parties for each other but it’s such a nice gesture! Let me know if you end up making these. 🙂

    • Thanks, Chelsey. I think they’d be great for a cookie exchange – You could definitely make smaller truffles than I did to stretch the batch a bit.

  1. Happy birthday, Jon!! Oh my gosh – how cute are you! He must be so proud. I wish I had the skills to make boyfriend truffles. Last time I made truffles, they did not look like the sort of things you would want to eat… If you catch my drift…. 🙂

    • Haha, trust me, these didn’t look so great pre-drizzle. They were slightly lumpy and asymmetrical. I swear, the white chocolate drizzle worked miracles and covered up a lot of imperfections!

  2. Happy birthday to your bf! How lucky is he?! ;). He even has a decadent dessert name after him. I was wondering why it was called the “boyfriend truffle.” What are the chances of attending the same grad school AND working at the same place?! That’s so awesome!

    • Haha, this is actually the THIRD recipe named after him on my blog! (I also posted ‘Jon’s Homemade Bacon Basil Pesto’ and his recipe for ‘Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting’).

      I know! Especially since he attended grad school in NY (where I’m from) even though he was born and raised in Ohio! Moreover, our birthdays are ONE day apart! 😉

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