[Paleo] Baked Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fries

Paleo Update:  Tomorrow is our last official day 100% Paleo!  I can’t believe we really did it and kept a strict “diet” for 31 days.  I have to admit, I’m really proud of both Jon and I!  Thank you to all of YOU for all of your support and words of encourage.  I can’t believe all of the positive feedback I’ve received related to our Paleo challenge.  Don’t worry – this won’t be my last Paleo post!  I’ll be talking about the highs and lows later this week in my January Accomplishments & February Ambitions but let me give you a few thoughts for today:

  • Being on a regimented diet has really opened my eyes to what I’m eating.  As I mentioned before, Jon and I have been using the My Fitness Pal app to track our calories.  I’m such a Type A that I tend to add my food a day ahead of time so I can see where my calories and nutritional stats will fall.  Although that may sound a little obsessive, looking ahead helps me make better choices in the present.  For example, if I know tomorrow is going to be a heavier carb day, I’ll try not to eat that deliciously moist piece of banana bread today.
  • Going Paleo has inspired me to work out more often.  Pre-Paleo I was lucky if I worked out 1-2 times a week (sad, I know).  But throughout January, I worked out a consistent 4 times each week.  I guess I figured if I was going to eat so well, I might as well try to multiple the positive effects by also working out.  Win Win.
  • Both of these points that I bring up today are positive effects of going Paleo for me.  I’m not saying they are Paleo-specific benefits.  In fact, I think they would apply regardless of whatever diet/challenge we chose to do.  Just something to think about if you plan to diet any time soon!


Who doesn’t like fries?  I mean, honestly – I can’t think of a single person.

Chili Lime Fries_1

Unfortunately, french fries aren’t allowed on the Paleo diet (shocking, right?).  No matter – Jon and I have perfected the art of BAKED sweet potato fries.  That’s right, baked – As in “skinny,” “light,” “healthier,” whatever you want to call them!

We’ve seasoned them numerous different ways but this chili powder and lime juice combo is one of our absolute favorites.  The flavors compliment each other so well – savory spice with a hint of bright tart citrus!

Do these sound good?  Are you ready to make these for dinner?

Chili Lime Fries_2

If so, head on over to Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons where I’m guest posting for Kelly today!  After generously guest posting for me in December, she has kindly asked if I would like to guest post for her during January.  After you check out my fries, make sure to explore some other posts on her blog – like her awesome kid-friendly DIY projects or her totally relevant Clutter-Buster Boot Camp series.

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31 thoughts on “[Paleo] Baked Chili Lime Sweet Potato Fries

  1. Good for you Leah!! So exciting that the two of you went through this challenge and the benefits that came out of it. I look forward to reading more as you blog about the highs and lows!
    And I said over on Kelly’s blog, these sweet potato fries look great!

    • Thank you, Kenley – both for your comments about our Paleo challenge and your feedback on the fries! I have to say, I think it made a HUGE difference that Jon and I completed the challenge together. I don’t think I would have had as much willpower or motivation without him!

    • Thanks, JulieC. Funny you should ask that… I’ve pretty much been dreaming about sweets (sugar cookies and chocolate) for the past 31 days. 😉 I already know that I’ll be buying a sugar cookie with buttercream frosting after work tomorrow night to celebrate… but I may or may not eat a Ghiradelli chocolate square or Reeses peanut butter cup during the day. So much to look forward to on Friday! 🙂 Any indulgent suggestions?

  2. Woooooo I am so proud of you for making it through the ENTIRE month without cheating ONCE! Are you going to celebrate with a hugely non-paleo meal on Feb. 1 or are you going to try to keep it going??

    Also, I have been totally into baked sweet potato fries lately–I think I made them four times this past week! I’m getting the slicing, oiling, seasoning, baking, turning down pat 🙂 I love them with a little garlic powder, chili powder and lots of smoked paprika, but I do love lime so I’m definitely going to try this combo next!

    • Thank you, Erika! I honestly can’t believe I didn’t cheat at all – every time I walked by the office donut holes, I had to physically start walking faster haha.

      Jon and I will definitely be doing some celebratory indulging this weekend but overall we hope to keep a 75-80% Paleo-friendly lifestyle. This weekend may be an exception though because it’s Superbowl weekend (how convenient haha). 😉

      Haha, I love that you love sweet potato fries too! There’s definitely an art to making them and getting them just crispy enough. Smoked paprika sounds delish – we’ll have to pick up some of that. Let me know if you come up with any other awesome flavor combos. I’m thinking I’ll try rosemary and lemon soon!

  3. Whoo hoo!! Congratulations to both of you 🙂 You must have all-star will power to make it through the entire month! And I totally agree about the working out… if I’m eating healthy, I’m way more motivated to work out more often. And I heart sweet potato fries! Sometimes I’ll use my mandoline to make slices so when it bakes it’s kinda of like a sweet potato chip.

    • Thanks, Heather. It’s funny because I’m actually kind of surprised I’m motivated to work out more. If anything, I thought I’d be like, “Well I’m eating really well so that’s better than nothing.” I think it helps that I made a side goal to attend all of the fitness classes at work during January. i hope I can keep up the motivation!

      Love your idea of a sweet potato chip. I just recently got a mandoline and have only used it once. Thanks for reminding me to pull it out of the cupboard!

  4. Hi Leah, just read your post at Kelly’s but I don’t think my message went through! I really like your potatoes and would be a great addition to our week meals! because of my 20 month old, I love sweet potatoes too! again Congrats to you and Jon for keeping up this challenge!

    • Thanks, Ingrid! Let me know if you incorporate sweet potato fries into your weekly meals (Jon and I have been eating them every night and we’re not sick of them yet haha). I’d love to hear how you season them. They’re such nutritional powerhouses that you’re smart to feed them to your little boy. 🙂

  5. I read the recipe over at Kelly’s place and they look fantastic!

    Do you feel like you busted the sugar-craving after a month on Paleo or are you just dying to scarf down some carby-sugary thing? I need to kill off my sweet tooth in the worst way….

    Love that you’ve shared your month on Paleo. I hadn’t heard of it before your posts and it’s been so inspirational. Can’t wait to see how you transition to a Paleo-ish menu… 🙂

    • Thanks, Joan. They really are delicious and so versatile!

      Ahhh, to be completely honest, my sweet tooth didn’t go anywhere throughout this challenge. That was honestly the hardest part for me – I pretty much had a dull sugar craving 75% of the time with huge spikes after any meal. With that being said, I’m not convinced that the 21 Day Sugar Detox works for everyone because I went longer and I still crave sugar. (I CANNOT wait to eat a frosted sugar cookie tomorrow night!! ;)).

      Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout our entire Paleo challenge. These kinds of comments kept us going! I can’t wait to see how we transition either… it’s going to be tough to not fall back into our old eating patterns!

      • I’m a terrible sugar addict (I know — you never would have guessed that, right? Heh.) and I realize that I’m going to have to try to do something about it. It’s like when I finally broke my Diet Coke habit: it took me a LONG time to not break down and drink it and even longer not to crave it. Wonder how long it takes to kill the sweet tooth and if I’ll have the will to do it. Sigh.

        • You can totally do it! I’m going to work on my sweet tooth as well. I think my strategy is going to be to try to stick with “natural” sugar (honey, pure maple syrup, and fruit) as much as possible (with the occassion frosting or chocolate thrown in there ;)). Congrats on kicking Diet Coke though – that’s awesome and really encouraging! It CAN be done.

    • That’s awesome that you gave them a try. I’m so happy to hear they turned out well!

      As far as when our Paleo challenge ends, Jon and I hope to maintain a 75-80% Paleo-friendly lifestyle… but starting after this weekend. This weekend we plan to celebrate with some beer/wine, sweet treats, and pizza! 😉

    • I can’t even lie… it was HARD. There were so many times I just wanted a little treat. I even gave up coffee all month because I couldn’t have my delicious flavored creamer! I’m really happy for the experience though and we definitely plan to stick to most of the Paleo lifestyle.

      • Awesome! Yea I’d say I’m more paleo with benefits. Since I made my own paleo friendly chocolate I don’t think ill need to eat store bought stuff but chips and salsa and popcorn will continue to be a part of my weekly / biweekly routine!!

        • I saw your post on the Paleo chocolate. Very interesting! I think I may need to give that a try too. If chips, salsa and popcorn are your biggest weaknesses than I’d say you’re in pretty good shape. There are a lot worse things you could crave!

  6. I love sweet potato fries and your chili lime twist sounds delish! Lol – don’t beat yourself up about going to the gym only once or twice. I haven’t been since early December. That’s nothing to be proud of. I keep telling myself…tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. So I’d better actually go tomorrow!

    • I hear you! It’s tough to get the motivation… especially during the cold dreary winter! I read a great piece of advice somewhere that said you can’t think of your day ending after your work day ends – You have to just plan going to the gym/working out as part of your normal routine. I thought that was a great point because I definitely count down the minutes until 5pm so I can head home but if you just think of it like, “Okay, 5PM means now I’m moving on to the next portion of my day” it’ll really help!

      • That’s a good tip. It’ll be tough to change my mindset (which is to curl into the fetal position right after work and rock myself into the blissful oblivion of sleep) but I’ll give it a try!

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