February Accomplishments & March Ambitions

Another month come and gone but I’m not complaining because that means we’re that much closer to Spring! It also means it’s time to reflect here at Inspire & Indulge.  If you’re new to I&I, this post is part of my Accomplishments & Ambitions series.  Once a month I like to look back on what I’ve accomplished as well as set a of couple goals for the next month.

My February goals were:

  • Share at least 5 more Paleo-friendly recipes. –>  Success!

5 Paleo Recipes_Inspire & Indulge

    1. Paleo Homemade Nutella
    2. Paleo Homemade Nutella Fudge
    3. Paleo Caramel Pecan Bars
    4. Paleo Mini Banana Pumpkin Muffins
    5. Paleo Creamy Chicken Casserole
  • Try a Paleo-approved pizza crust. –>  Incomplete
    • Admittedly, I didn’t get around to this goal and I’m sorry!  I know a few of you were really interested in hearing about a Paleo/gluten-free pizza crust and I know that I was certainly interested in tasting one.  Confession:  The one night we made homemade pizza this month, we used a Boboli whole wheat pre-made crust.  Not even close to being Paleo but definitely convenient.
  • Indulge and share a really indulgent recipe that is completely not Paleo! –>  Incomplete
    • Just because I didn’t share any indulgent recipes does not mean that I didn’t enjoy any indulgent recipes.  It seems like any indulging that was done this past month was at restaurants (sushi, Italian, bar food).  Since I didn’t make it, I don’t have any recipes to share with you.  Hopefully there will be some more cooking in March that I can share with you!

March Ambitions:

  • Make and share that darn Paleo-friendly pizza crust!
  • Use my brand new ice cream machine for the first time.
  • Share a St. Patty’s Day inspired recipe.

So what’s on your to-do list for March?  Does anyone else hate the fact that St. Patty’s Day and Easter both land in March this year?  I think there should be a one holiday per month rule!

37 thoughts on “February Accomplishments & March Ambitions

  1. Ooooh a new ice cream machine?! Can’t wait to see what you make in it!! Congrats on reaching your paleo recipe goals, way to go 🙂 And haha I just wish there were more holidays in the year that gave days off of work!

    • Haha, I love how my little ice cream machine mention has been the star of this post – It’s safe to say we’re all suckers for ice cream (or gelato, sorbet, fro-yo, etc)! Jon and I made our first batch last night – We tried to make a Paleo-friendly pistachio ice cream (honey instead of sugar, coconut milk instead of cow’s milk) but in the end it just turned out to be a creamy coconut ice cream which was delicious but not our intention. At least that gives us an excuse to keep “practicing!” 😉

    • Hi Alex! Happy to have you at I&I as a new reader. 🙂 I hope you find some recipes to try. I’m heading over to your blog now!

      Those sound like great March goals! Good luck with midterms! I’m glad you mentioned the Goodwill donation because I’ve been meaning to do that too – it’s even on my 2013 New Year’s Resolution list!

  2. So incredibly jealous of your ice cream machine. Also, have you ever tried cauliflower pizza crust?? Me neither but I’m going to do it really soon! I love the goals. I need to start doing this.

    • Ohhh Ashley, this ice cream maker is definitely one of my more exciting purchases within the past couple months but I’m a little scared that it could easily become an addiction! Last night, Jon and I made our first batch of Paleo-friendly creamy vanilla coconut ice cream and it was sooo smooth and delicious. I can’t wait to play around with add-ins and different flavor profiles.

      No, I’ve never tried a cauliflower pizza crust before but they seem to be really popular over the past couple months. I’ve seen some great recipes but in addition to keeping it gluten-free, I also want to find one that is dairy-free and Paleo-friendly. Unfortunately, a lot of the recipes I’ve seen use some kind of cheese (shredded, crumbled, cream) to bind the “crust” together. Let me know if you come across a good recipe (even if it has cheese). I’d love to hear about your gluten-free pizza crust experience!

  3. Ah ice cream machine!! My roommate has one and I have yet to use it! She is moving out in a month so I should put that on my to-do list before she leaves!

    • Yes, you definitely need to use it! It’s SO simple and the possibilities are endless! Jon and I made a batch using coconut milk (instead of cow’s milk) last night and if you like a coconut flavor, it’s delicious and I highly recommend it – plus you only need like 3 ingredients. 🙂

  4. Interested in the paleo pizza crust? Absolutely, but if I’d have had the chance to eat sushi out, I’d have been all over that! No pressure (from me) — you’ve posted a lot of wonderful paleo recipes to try! (By the way, we’re having those banana crepes of yours again on Sunday.)

    I keep forgetting that Easter is at the end of this month. I’m completely unprepared, so I’ll be the frazzled one wandering about the seasonal section in Target. 😉

    • Yes, I think sushi will always win against a gluten-free pizza crust. Oh well, I can live with that. 🙂 I do intend to get around to making that gluten-free crust though! I’ve heard some really great reviews so my hopes are fairly high.

      Glad to hear you’re making the banana crepes/pancakes again – hopefully you have some ripe bananas! 😉

      I know! I just can’t believe how quickly Easter is coming… and the fact that it’s so close to St. Patty’s Day – We’ll have to switch gears really quickly! I’m sure a super mom like you won’t have any issues though!

      • Hey– just wanted to let you know that we made your paleo pancakes again this weekend. We actually had ripe bananas and the results were so much sweeter and more banana-y. It’s hard to believe what a difference a naturally ripe one makes to this recipe — those forced-ripe bananas lacked so much taste. Our whole family really enjoyed them.

        • Yay, I’m glad you tried the recipe again! That’s why I was so surprised that you didn’t think the banana flavor was very strong the first time around. I haven’t tried the recipe with unripe bananas but I can definitely imagine using ripe bananas would be so much more flavorful and tasty!

    • Yay, you’re right – an ice cream machine is SO exciting. Part of me feels slightly guilty for buying it because a) nothing that is made it in will have any real health benefits and b) it’s a pretty one dimensional machine meaning that I can’t make anything other than ice cream/sorbet/fro-yo in it. Oh well, I still love it and I’m super excited about all the delicious creations that will be made it in. 🙂

  5. Leah! so happy to hear about the “ice cream machine” ??? can’t wait for you to post about it! LOVE ice cream! if you approve of an ice cream machine; then I will have to get one too! & congratulations on your paleo recipe goals! 🙂 & yes, I agree with you about only one holiday a month; this month will be very busy for us (my mom’s b-day, my mother-in-law b-day, my two cousins b-day and my b-day too!) hope March will be great for you Leah! 🙂 can’t wait for that ice cream post!

    • Ingrid, I feel like you would love an ice cream machine! It’s SO easy to use and the possibilities are truly endless. I’ve only made one batch so far but once I come up with a really good recipe, I’ll definitely be sharing it. 🙂

      Wow, sounds like March is a crazy busy month for you and your family! I’m sure it’s going to fly by for you! Hope you have time to relax and enjoy it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessi – The fudge is great but it does have a subtle flavor of bananas (just a heads up in case you’re not a banana fan). That’s awesome you have an ice cream maker too! Do you have any go-to recipes?

  6. I loved your Paleo recipes last month and cannot wait to read more especially on the ice cream machine. I am a bit obsessed with ice cream ESPECIALLY homemade so I cannot wait to see what you come up with 🙂 My goals will be to continue eating clean aka little to no processed and fast foods, getting out there more and experience more things that interest, and of course more yummy and interesting food and poetry post 🙂

    • Thanks, Norah! I’m so excited to share my experiences/recipes with the ice cream machine. I see a lot of experimenting (aka taste testing) in my future! 😉

      Great March goals! Sounds like you’re on track and making great progress. I need to keep a tighter watch on my french fry intake this month – last week I had a few too many! Can’t wait to see what you have to share this month. 🙂

  7. Love your recipes! And I love your accomplishments. Looking forward to your March ice cream, pizza, and a St. Patty Day recipe!!

    • Thanks, Judy! I can’t wait to share all of the above. I bet you’ll have some great things to share in March as well – I look forward to the inspiration you always provide!

    • I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond – regularly $60 but $48 after a 20% off coupon. There are definitely a few other models on Amazon for slightly cheaper but I liked the reviews on the one I bought (Cuisinart ICE-21). I’ve only used it once so I can’t give a full review yet but I will in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

  8. Ooooooh, congrats on the new ice cream machine! I can’t wait to see what yummy things you make with it. I want to get the ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid Mixer but need to save up for it first. As for March goals…oy, where to start? I wish I had more time to implement everything. And I’m glad to hear you enjoyed some indulgence this past month, even if you didn’t share it on your blog. You deserve it!

    • Thanks, Nancy! I looked up the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid as well but it was definitely a little too expensive for me. In the long run, I’m sure it’d be worth it though because it’s probably more convenient and easier to store than an extra ice cream machine.

      I hear you – I definitely wish there were a few more days in each week to accomplish everything! Unfortunately, we’re going to be losing another hour due to daylight savings this weekend. 😦 Boo! Regardless, I hope you have a great month. I look forward to reading what you share with us.

    • Haha, I definitely felt like an excited kid buying it, bringing it home, and proudly showing it to Jon. Glad you share in my enthusiasm! 🙂

  9. I am impressed with your monthly goal setting and reflections looking back at what you have accomplished. Great organizing skills! I also agree that having St. Patrick’s Day and Easter so close is a bit much! ~Thea

  10. Looking forward to seeing your St. Patrick’s Day recipe! I didn’t realize we had two holidays this month… it’s going to be a sugary month for the kids! 😛

    • I’m not quite sure what I’m going to share for St. Patty’s Day yet so I better get thinking about that one. 🙂 This is definitely a sugary month for all of us!

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