I&I on Monday Motivator

Last week, Emily from Stay Healthy Stay Happy reached out and asked if I would like to be featured as today’s Monday Motivator on her blog.  My internal reaction went something like this, “Me?!  Really?  Do I actually motivate people?”  I can’t really answer that with a resounding yes or no but I like to think people have been able to find some inspiration here at Inspire & Indulge.  😉

After sharing with Emily how flattered I was that she chose me this week, I got down to answering her interview-type questions:

What motivation was behind the launch of “Inspire and Indulge?”

What inspires your recipes and DIY crafts?

What was your motivation to go Paleo?  What challenges have you faced?

Could you tell us a little about the Accomplishments & Ambitions section of your blog?

What is your  guilty pleasure (TV, food, etc.)?  What do you let yourself “Indulge” in most?

Interested in my answers?  Head on over to Stay Healthy Stay Happy to read them!  Don’t forget to check out other parts of Emily’s blog too – She’s got great healthy recipes and fun workouts too!

Happy Monday 🙂

12 thoughts on “I&I on Monday Motivator

    • Thank you, Thea – That was SO kind of you to say. I don’t think I would consider myself wise (I’m sure that’ll take many years and all kinds of trial-and-errors ;)) but I’m flattered that you think I’m inspiring!

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